Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Super Easy 1-Minute Mayo

I've had bad luck with making my own mayonnaise in the past. Sometimes it emulsifies, and sometimes it doesn't. Drizzling in your oil as slow as possible is really tedious and if you do it wrong at all, your mayo is ruined! So I saw on buzzfeed about how you can make mayo using an immersion blender. I tried it out, instead of drizzling the oil in, and it took less than 1 minute and was amazing! I really like a lot of mustard and lemon juice in my mayo, so the recipe below is adjusted for my liking. You can tweek it however you like.

You'll never make slow mayo again!

1) 1 egg yolk, room temperature
2) 1 tablespoon dijon mustard
3) 1 tablespoon water
4) 1 tablespoon lemon juice
5) 1 cup oil of choice (I used avocado oil. Other options: macadamia nut oil, extra light olive oil.)

1) Place egg yolk, mustard, water and lemon juice into a tall container.
2) Add your 1 cup of oil.
3) Using an immersion blender, place blade into bottom of your container. Turn on, and pump up and down a few times until everything is blender.

4) Season with salt & pepper, if desired. Store in the fridge.