Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Easiest Taco Salad

This has seriously become something we eat at least once a week because it is just so easy and you can always add more stuff to it. Like cheese or sour cream (if you do dairy), or more veggies, or olives, etc! Yum, I want to add olives to mine now.

1) 1-2 pounds of ground meat (I use beef because that's what is always in my freezer)
2) 1-3 cups of salsa (any kind, any heat level, it's up to you! We just use plain old Pace Medium)
3) Few cups of shredded lettuce, or baby spinach for your base (we just buy some organic triple spring blend of lettuces from the store and throw that on the plate)
4) Your toppings: I used cut up baby tomatoes, and a nice dollap of guacamole. This is where you can go nuts! Add your veggies, sauces, olives, whatever you would normally like on a taco

1) Brown up your ground meat on medium in a big pan.
2) Once cooked, add in your salsa, about a cup at a time until it's the right amount of liquid that you like. I usually add a lot of salsa because I like mine moist and extra saucy.
3) Put the lettuce you've chosen onto your plate. Top it off with your ground meat, and then add your toppings.
4) Eat up! Look at all those yummy, healthy veggies on your plate. Who needs a tortilla?!

Gorgeous :)

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