Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pureed Coconut Carrots with Shredded Meat Topping (Paleo-Zone)

We made a big pot of slow cooked ribs this weekend for a game night we hosted, and we had a lot of leftovers the next day. Trying to make a Paleo-Zone meal with the leftover shredded meat, I thought about using up some of the awesome organic carrots we just bought from Costco. You would think that coconut and carrots don't really go together, but the coconut cream eases the pureeing of the carrots and adds a nice subtle sweet flavor to it as well. The combination of some salty meat on top of a mound of mildly sweet carrots was very delicious!

You can definitely serve these carrots as a side dish and not do the shredded meat topping, but this is an easy way to make up a complete meal with some leftovers and minimal ingredients. If you don't care about the Zone part of it, just use roughly the same measurements but you don't need to be as specific.

1) 2 1/2 pounds of carrots, roughly chopped (12 blocks of carbs)
2) 2 1/2 tablespoons of coconut cream concentrate (aka coconut cream or coconut butter) (15 blocks fat plus 1 block of carbs)
3) 1 tablespoon of honey (2 blocks of carbs)
4) 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
5) Optional: 15 ounces of precooked shredded meat---I used shredded pork from ribs, you could use shredded chicken/beef/etc (15 blocks protein)

Zone total: 15 protein/15 carb/15 fat (I weighed it when done into five portions of 3/3/3 each)

1) Add your chopped carrots to a large pan and cover the carrots entirely with water.

Carrots & Water
2) Bring the water to a boil and cook the carrots until completely soft, 25-35 minutes. (Mine took 30).
After boiling for 30 minutes
3) Drain your carrots and add half of them to a food processor or large blender. Add your coconut cream, honey and cinnamon.
Ready to blend
4) Blend your mixture and then while the motor is still running, slowly add in the rest of your carrots until the whole thing is pureed. Mine took about 5 minutes to get completely smooth.
Adding in the rest of the carrots
All pureed and smooth
5) Top with shredded meat for a great complete meal, or serve as a side dish.
Delicious meal in no time!

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