Friday, January 10, 2014

Super Vegetable Curry (Chicken Optional!)

This recipe is an inspiration from my sister Krystal, who just got married! When I went to visit her the week before the wedding to help with some last minute details, she made me a delicious slow-cooker curry with lots of vegetables in it. It initially didn't have any protein in it, but she graciously threw in two chicken breasts for me at the last minute. I hadn't really tried to add extra veggies at all to my curry before, but I should have! Her recipe had some chickpeas in it, which I omit, but had carrots, onions and peas going on. It was delicious!

So I came back home and decided I wanted to make a chicken curry that was extremely heavy on the vegetables. You can literally add whatever you have around the kitchen and have a 5-veggie dish, or just add one or two and keep it simple. If you don't want to add the chicken, it's delicious without. But I added some to help add some protein and keep the macronutrient ratios pretty Zone-friendly.

1) 1 can of coconut milk (14 oz)
2) 2-3 tablespoons of curry powder (start with adding two, and then add more at the end if needed)
3) 1-2 cups of any or all of the following:
-diced carrots
-diced onions
-diced peppers (green, red, or yellow)
-diced sweet potato
-diced celery
-cauliflower florets
-broccoli florets
-chopped asparagus
-peas (add these in at the end though)

Optional: 1 pound of chicken thighs or breasts

(NOTE: I added in carrots, onions, green peppers, cauliflower, sweet potato and peas to mine, plus 1 pound of chicken thighs)

1) Chop up your veggies and add them to your slow cooker. Mine pretty much took up the entire thing, but it cooks down about 10-20%.
2) Mix your can of coconut milk with 2TBSP of curry in a small bowl. If you like it spicier, taste it after it's cooked and add more curry then.
3) Add the curry milk to your crockpot and stir. Add in your meat if you want some now too.
Just the veggies
Veggies plus chicken
4) Cook on low for 8 hours. If you want to add peas, add them in at the last 30 minutes to maintain their shape.


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