Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Paleo Peach BBQ Ribs

I love ribs. I even more love slow-cooker ribs that require less than 1 minute of work to make!

Have you tried any of the Paleo Chef sauces from Steve's PaleoGoods? Well you should, because that is what we used for this recipe! Paleo Chef Sauces are not only very tasty and convenient, but they donate a portion of the profits to a great cause! Check them out! We bought the sampler, and some ketchup, and TRUST ME----we use the ketchup a ton!

You can essentially use any sauce you want on top of the ribs for this recipe. It just needs a little liquid in there to not only flavor the ribs, but also help them cook.

This may be the easiest rib recipe you ever make. Truth!

1) 2-3 pounds of ribs (we used beef short ribs)
2) 1/2 to 1 cup of sauce, depending on how many pounds you use (This is where we used the Peach BBQ Paleo Chef Sauce-----awesome!)

And that's it. SERIOUSLY.

1) Place your ribs in the slow cooker.
Beef short ribs
2) Cover your ribs with the sauce.
Sauced up!
3) Cook on low for 8 hours.
All done cooking
4) Once cooked, stir up the ribs in the sauce, and you will notice they are falling apart! We gave the bones to the dog and she was happy!
5) Serve it up, and eat. We put some of the extra sauce from the slow cooker on top of some broccoli as a side dish and it was a perfect meal!

Mixed up with the sauce

.....and eat!

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