Friday, January 23, 2015

Cauliflower Rice Taco Bowl

This is a super lazy recipe, but also very delicious! Sometimes we have even made it with regular rice instead of cauliflower rice, when we felt we needed some extra carbohydrates after a tough workout.

I made the rice just like Melissa Joulwan recommended on her blog, and that was in the oven. So much easier!

It's essentially a taco, so you can add whatever you normally like on your tacos. We are pretty plain, so we just like meat, tomatoes and guacamole. If you do sour cream or cheese, you could certainly add those.

1) 1 pound ground beef
2) 1 head of cauliflower (or 1 package of florets), made into cauliflower rice (or use regular rice if you eat it!)
3) 1-2 cups of salsa
Toppings: Any you'd like----we added diced tomatoes and guacamole. But I would have also loved some sliced olives on top, too! And shredded lettuce, if we had it on hand.

**Servings: 4**

1) Make your cauliflower rice or regular rice. Plenty of recipes out there!
2) While your rice is cooking, heat up a large skillet over medium high heat. Add your ground beef and break into small pieces as it cooks.
3) Once the meat is cooked, you can drain some of the grease remaining if you had some cook off (we used 75%, so we had about 1/4 cup that we drained off).
4) Add in 1 cup of salsa and stir. Does it look moist enough and flavored enough for you? If not, add some more salsa. I like A LOT of salsa in my ground beef so I added about 2 cups.
5) Make your bowl: add some rice, your meat, and whatever toppings you want. We added diced tomatoes and some guacamole and this was an awesome dinner indeed!

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